PQC provides a new approach to the online recruitment, selection and payrolling of your contingent workforce.

Our strategy puts competency and past performance ahead of anything else, that’s why all our Consultants are pre-qualified by Scorecards.

The Scorecard assists employers through the evaluation process and facilitates finding the best consultants. In joining PQC and ongoing, your Reporting Manager will receive a Scorecard to rank your proficiency in key result areas after each project completed, view Scorecard template click here

Submitting Scorecards after every project finished builds trust, improves your search rankings and will get you on the best PQC projects.


  1. Send two Scorecards to Reporting Managers.
  2. Search projects and SAVE two projects to your dashboard.
  3. APPLY to any project(s) to your dashboard.
  4. Search for a project located in “Brazil” and has a maximum day rate of $1500 USD.
  5. Search for project(s) in “Subsea & Pipelines” and “Rotational”.
  6. Save an Alert which overnight will email you project(s) with a duration of 3-6 months.
  7. Find the project(s) from No.6 on your dashboard.
  8. Change you Availability to the months of Feb, Jun, Dec.
  9. Invite a Friend to PQC (use email: admin@pqcog.com)